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Keep Your Team Together

Your team works hard, and when it's time to get everyone together whether year-end parties, industry conferences or team-building events, keeping your team together adds value to the bottom line. When you're planning your next corporate group event, take the pressure off by providing group charter bus service with TransAction Corporate Shuttles.

Add Value to Your Gathering

In the work environment, teams matter. Keeping everyone together and focused on the end game helps your organization thrive and succeed. There is proven research that an engaged, empowered workforce produces better results. This is why many companies plan group outings to foster culture and build a more connected team, whether company holiday parties, off-site training, industry conferences, sales meetings or team building activities.

Planning Corporate Group Transportation

Give us a call and tell us about your company's plans and the experience you'd like to create for your team. We'll talk with you about your people, your event, and any other elements you need added to your group outing. We're experts at helping plan corporate group transportation, so let us help you make your company event one that everyone will enjoy attending.

TransAction Corporate Shuttles offers full-scale green commuter program solutions to get your employees to work safely, on time, and stress-free. These employee group transportation programs will:

  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Decrease accidents
  • Improve recruiting quality
  • Allow you to overcome competition

Examples of corporate transit solutions include:

  • Shuttling employees to/from public transit stops and work sites
  • Bypass construction or renovation of facilities
  • Satellite and off-site parking in lower-cost locations
  • Providing transportation for contractor and temp workers without cars

We provide quality shuttle service to:

  • Corporations
  • Commercial land and commercial center developers
  • Health care institutions
  • Higher education campuses
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Church complexes
  • Meeting and conference centers

Corporate Shuttle Transportation Use Examples

Transportation Management Association (TMA) Commuter Service

TransAction Corporate Shuttles was hired in 2012 to take over the operations of a Greater Boston transit service after their 17 years with a previous vendor.

The new service was rolled out in January 2013 with six new 33-passenger buses that operate Monday through Friday on a split eight-hour shift. The transition was seamless. In 2013, the client added a seventh vehicle to the fleet. Later in 2013, an eighth vehicle was added. In 2014, a ninth vehicle was added to serve additional towns.

Urban Biotech Facility

TransAction Corporate Shuttles was hired in 2012 to take over the management and operations of this biotech firms’ Hub Shuttle System from a previous vendor who had the service for many years.

The new service was rolled out with eight new 15-passenger vans that travel between three Boston area sites. The entire system operates Monday through Friday, 10 to 12 hours per day. The transition was seamless, and the client has continued to add shuttles to the system, which now has eleven vehicles. In October 2013, TransAction developed a mobile app for the employees who travel between all three of the locations to help them to schedule a ride.

Retail Apparel Stores

TransAction Corporate Shuttles was contracted by a chain of apparel stores in the summer of 2013.

The purpose was to establish a new transit service that provides connections between their main facilities in their suburban locations. We developed the schedule and also implemented wifi and GPS tracking which can be accessed via mobile phone as well as on their website.




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