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Employee Off-Site Parking

Getting Your Employees to Work and Back Again

Many companies are seeking alternatives for their growing population of employees, contractors and visitors at their buildings and campuses. As companies grow, there are more people who need not only office space, but a place to park. Depending on your company’s location, parking availability and access is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in and around Boston.

Instead of expanding an existing footprint of high-cost real estate or losing valuable real estate to asphalt parking lot or an expensive garage project, consider off-site parking for your employees, contractors and visitors.

Off-Site Parking Shuttle Service

We are experienced in providing off-site parking shuttle service to some of Boston’s largest employers: MathWorks, Staples Home Office, the Veterans Administration and many more.

It goes well beyond driving shuttles to and from off-site lots to office buildings—we also work closely with your facilities manager (or Human Resources director) to plan your program and schedule to the work shifts at your company.

Our Off-Site Parking Shuttle Programs include:

  • Organize and operate carpool programs
  • Offer Emergency Ride Home initiatives
  • Create company-branded transit pass systems
  • Staff parking facilities with parking/security attendants
  • Offer supplemental cars, vans and mid-sized buses for odd hour groups or contractors





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