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Transportation Solutions for Municipalities and Community Service Organizations

All across Boston and beyond, cities and towns are seeking more transportation solutions for their citizens and visitors. Making it easier for people to get around your city or town helps your economy and creates a more vital community that attracts the best quality businesses, residents and visitors.

We will help you plan and roll out the best dedicated route shuttle bus transportation program specific to your community. Everyone from those without transportation who need to get around such as the elderly to the Red Hat Ladies who come to town for the day to lunch and shop will have more flexibility getting around without the hassle.

Municipal Shuttle Service Programs

Not only are we experts at planning transit programs for communities, but we are also capable of doing the proper demographic research and traffic studies to plan your transit program. Establishing a fixed route, dedicated shuttle service will allow you the flexibility to maximize getting around your city or town by integrating T stations, public transit bus stops and other hubs where transportation services connect.

The best part is we take care of it all. After we plan your program, we run the service with dedicated, quality vehicles and professional drivers. We have mini-buses, deluxe shuttles and a wide variety of passenger size capacities from 13 to 33. Safety is our main concern, and since group transportation is our business, we know how to take care of our fleet, our drivers, and assure our customers that we are on top of everything. Here are just a few things we’ll take care of for you:

  • Be responsible for the labor, fuel and equipment
  • Comply with federal and state safety regulations
  • Maintain and clean the vehicles
  • Manage the daily operations
  • Run dispatch
  • Monitor quality assurance
  • Provide professionally trained and experienced drivers
  • Research demographics and plan the best routes and schedule
  • Offer GPS tracking

Whether you are setting up a transit solution within a rural or urban area, or for small or large groups, TransAction Corporate Shuttles can give you and your riders the dedicated support and easy access to the transportation services they need.


Fixed Route Case Study

Creative Public Transportation Solution

The Challenge:

A small town north of Boston with these requirements presented a public transportation challenge we addressed. They needed to:

  • Develop a transportation program that could work in an area that was not densely populated enough to support fixed-route service according to a state-funded analysis
  • Encourage diverse groups to participate in the service together
  • Seek input to identify unmet transportation needs in the town

This forward-thinking community envisioned starting services that had not existed before—to enable people to travel to places they could not go before. They thought this would make a real difference in people’s lives.

The Solution:

TransAction was the perfect partner for this community. As a company that started with one client and built itself from the ground up based on a reputation for creativity and integrity, TransAction knows just how to think outside the box and work with a client to develop creative solutions.

In this case, the client had the vision, they just didn’t have the expertise to make their vision a reality. That’s where TransAction came in. Facilitating a working group, identifying the right policies, and partnering with a champion, TransAction worked to develop a demand-response service that now makes almost 250 trips a week to employment, shopping, medical, appointments, after-school activities, and many more locations.

Setting the guidelines that made the service workable while opening it up to as many users as possible led to the success of the program. Enabling children between 12 and 18 years old to safely use the service and ride with seniors and commuters met the goals that this community set for itself when it started out.

Do you have a challenging project that you can imagine in your community? Make TransAction your partner and make the dream a reality. Contact us to get started.

If you are searching for a fixed-route transportation service, TransAction Corporate Shuttles has the experience to provide you with a turnkey solution. Our goal is to make our transportation service scalable, sustainable, efficient, and seamless for all parties. We guarantee your daily schedule operates on time, on budget, and without interruption.




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