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Keep Your Team Together

Your team works hard, and when it's time to get everyone together whether year-end parties, industry conferences or team-building events, keeping your team together adds value to the bottom line. When you're planning your next corporate group event, take the pressure off by providing group charter bus service with TransAction Corporate Shuttles.




We Specialize in Corporate Group Transportation

Add to the Value of the Gathering You're Creating

In the work environment, teams matter. Keeping everyone together and focused on the end game helps your organization thrive and succeed. There is proven research that an engaged, empowered workforce produces better results. This is why many companies plan group outings to foster culture and build a more connected team, whether company holiday parties, off-site training, industry conferences, sales meetings or team building activities.

We Know How to Plan Your Corporate Group Transportation

Give us a call and tell us about your company's plans and the experience you'd like to create for your team. We'll talk with you about your people, your event, and any other elements you need added to your group outing. We're experts at helping plan corporate group transportation, so let us help you make your company event one that everyone will enjoy attending.






We Are Professionals Like You.

Our professional and expert drivers (experienced, state-certified and insured) make everything about your corporate group transportation a positive, safe experience. We can also make sure your company's culture, brand or event theme is maintained through the transportation experience so that everyone stays engaged and involved.





Why Corporate Group Transportation Works

Your team works hard for your company. They also work hard to get to and from work, and—even with public transportation—commuting in New England, especially Boston, is a big challenge that can add hours to each person's time on the road dealing with traffic and all of the headaches that go along with getting around town.

When you plan your next group outing, provide transportation for everyone. It extends the time your group is together and enhances the opportunity to:

  • Build Culture: You want to retain the best quality people in your organization. A healthy company culture helps your organization be a top performer and compete in your market because you're able to attract and retain the best talent. Each company has its own unique culture that's created by the diverse collection of talent in its ranks. By providing group transportation for your corporate gathering or event, your team gets the opportunity to spend more time together and share in their experience of one another in a non-work environment. That time together goes a long way to building culture among the ranks.
  • Deepen Team Connections: As your team gets to know one another off site—even if they are simply getting to know more about someone they already work with—their understanding of their coworkers deepens. It also builds better connections and appreciation of coworkers' challenges. In addition, it gives people the opportunity to acknowledge others for their behind-the-scenes support to get the job done, which benefits the whole organization, not just their department or division.
  • Get to Know Other People in the Company. Unless your company's staff numbers are few, it's more than likely that not everyone knows everyone in your ranks that well. This is especially true if there has been recent growth and new hires in your organization. Bringing everyone together for an event is a great way to facilitate conversations between coworkers in different divisions, business units, departments and purposes. IT people can hang out with sales people. Operations and administration. Billing and marketing. It's a great way to encourage cross-unit appreciation of other team members and learn more about the diversity among your ranks.





  • Boost Morale: Getting everyone out of the cubicle and into a neutral, office-free environment does wonders for morale. It gives everyone a chance to talk about non-work topics, laugh, relax and discuss things they wouldn't normally talk about while in the office. It's also a great de-stressor and attitude lightener.
  • Show Appreciation: You're not only creating an opportunity for your team to gather and celebrate, learn or improve performance, you are sending a message that YOU CARE. Corporate group events can be costly and often fall victim to budget cuts during lean years. When you take the time and thought to bring everyone together for a special purpose, it's a powerful way to say, "THANK YOU."



  • Enhance the Event: Having less stress around getting to a venue, especially if it's out of town or in a congested urban area with limited or costly parking, is what everyone wants. By arranging group transportation for your workforce, you're allowing your team to relax and focus on what you have planned as opposed to stressing over how to get there and back. As a result, more people will show up for the event, participate and get more out of what you have planned.
  • Extended Time to Communicate News: How often does your entire workforce get together? This is a great time to have more time to communicate things about your company. Have some exciting news about new opportunities? How about landing a new contract that increases your company's market share? How about rolling out a new benefit that your workforce will love? What about introducing new divisions, products or services? Use the time in transit to share important company-wide news and get the workforce more excited and engaged with what's coming.
  • Have a Q&A, Play a Game: To tie into the last item, this is also a great opportunity for you to engage your team in a sort of question and answer or town-hall group discussion while in transit. Or, you can have a fun game or activity on the shuttle that can entertain and educate your team and prime them for the event. Using your time together with a specific purpose in mind goes a long way to building culture and morale as well as enhancing the event.
  • Save on Travel Expense: Your team will love that you invested in them by providing group transportation for the company event. You'll save them gas/parking expense, time and frustration dealing with traffic and make the entire experience that much more enjoyable for them because they get to be together longer.




You Want it? We've Got It.

Our charter bus fleet affords all of the comforts you need to make your corporate group transportation click right into place. Whether you have a group of ten or a hundred, we can accommodate you in class and comfort. We can plug in a special playlist for your team or outfit our fleet to your company's brand or event theme. All you have to do is ask.

Our fleet includes multiple vehicles of each of these types, including vans, coaches, mini buses and large shuttle buses (click links for photos of the bus and interiors):



4-Passenger Lincoln Town Car

4-Passenger Lincoln Town Car

4-Passenger Cadillac Escalade

4-Passenger Cadillac Escalade

13-Passenger Step-up Conversion Van

13-Passenger Step-up Conversion Van

13-Passenger Luxury Executive Coach

13-Passenger Luxury Executive Coach

13-Passenger Luxury Limo Coach

13-Passenger Luxury Limo Coach



We Are a No-Worries Bus Company

Still trying to plan how many buses you'll need or what the details around your corporate group transportation? Don't worry, we can help. Give us a call at 781.895.1100 or use our Online Quote Request form if after hours and tell us about your team, event, venue and anything special you want to share and we'll help you get it all planned and keep you on budget. Consider that task checked off and completed.



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Give us a call at 781.895.1100 or complete a Quote Request online and we can help you plan your corporate group transportation and give you a very competitive quote on the call. Make this your first task to accomplish in your corporate group event planning and we'll take care of the rest.









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